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Emma, Female, Newbury Berkshire

Hi I'm Emma a 5'4 novice dancer, keen to progress with my ballroom and Latin dance into competitions. I have been dancing for several years now at both social dance classes and university clubs but am now wanting a consistent partner who is happy to train with me and to move through the examinations and into competitions. I currently have one to one private lessons and am due to take my pre bronze exam at the start of summer with the aim of competing over the summer months.

17th Feb, 20 | Level: Novice | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 25

Georgia, Female, London

Hello. I am Georgia, i am 19 years old and i am from Greece. I dance since i was 5 years old.I have worked with many top coaches. I am 3 times Greek champion on 10 dance and now i am searching for only latin partner. I am very motivated and i searching for also a very motivated partner. I am ready to work really Hard to succeed great resaults on top level. I am interesting to relocate to London, specially for the right partner.

6th Feb, 20 | Level: Amateur | Style: Latin Only | Age: 19

Celia, Female, Lodon, SE14

I have practiced 3 years on Latin, mainly cha cha, rumba, Samba. Teachers in China are strict on basic steps but have little chance to practice partner work, have participated one amateur competition, won No. 2 in my age category. Wish to find a partner to practice together and go for competitions if possible.

21st Oct, 19 | Level: Amateur | Style: Latin Only | Age: 47

Yana, Female, London, UK

I am looking for a committed Latin partner for lessons and, if everything works well, eventually competitions. I am intermediate/pre-champ level, 28 years old,162 cm and prepared to train as hard as possible. Please get in touch if you think we may be a match.

11th Sep, 19 | Level: Intermediate | Style: Latin Only | Age: 28

FG, Male, London UK

Looking for lady ballroom dancer around 175 cm (without shoes) for practice and/or competition around London. I am 185 cm tall, 70 kg, working full time but can accommodate dancing several times a week. Ideal experience 10+ years (gold/pre-amateur) but less can be considered depending on ambition etc.

8th Aug, 19 | Level: Pre-Champ | Style: Ballroom Only | Age: 30

Mark safe, Male, Gloucestershire

Looking for lady for competitions height more important than age so age from 22-54 and height from 4"11-5"6 Avaiable on weekend only as worked unsociable hrs during week done 23 yrs of ceroc with 22 yrs of lifts /arieals , Done other dance style including acrobatic rock and roll arieals ,salsa ,Lindy -hop ,jazz jive ,folk ,blues ,slot dancing ,also done two ladies at same time so any twins out there I would not like to leave you out of the possible of dancing together .

7th Aug, 19 | Level: Pre-Champ | Style: Other | Age: 52

Joanna, Female, London

Gold Level Dancer of Twenty years. Looking for a Male Partner to practise to start with but ultimately competing is my end game. Would like to start by focusing on and prioritising Latin but also open to Ballroom later on down the line. 5'3 without heels, from London. Ambitious and eager to find a Partner!

15th Jul, 19 | Level: Intermediate | Style: Latin Only | Age: 26

Danielle, Female, London / Windsor

Hi, I'm looking for a partner to train with 2/3 times per week. I'm currently intermediate/low pre-champ level but would like to work hard to compete solidly in pre-champ. I'm 29 and have done a bit more Latin than ballroom but really keen to compete in either (or both!). I have been dancing since a young age, competed on the uni circuit and then later joined open. I live in Windsor but happy to commute into London for lessons. I'm 5ft 4 (163cm). Get in touch if you think we could be suited.

3rd Jul, 19 | Level: Pre-Champ | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 29

Benjamin, Male, London

I competed in the university circuit in intermiade Lain. My ballroom is a little bit weaker but I'm willing to practice really hard to catch up. Looking for a female dancer in the London area just to practice for the moment. My height without shoes is 173 cm (5'8")

17th Jun, 19 | Level: Intermediate | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 27

Vilte, Female, London

Im searching for a partner who is motivated and would like to compete.

6th Jun, 19 | Level: Amateur | Style: Ballroom & Latin | Age: 20

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